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The Vigilance Division strives to ensure that all the functions of the organisation are carried out with purity and integrity. For this purpose the Division collects intelligence about the corrupt practices committed or likely to be committed by the employees of the organisation, investigates verifiable allegations reported to it and recommends further action to prevent corrupt practices.

The Division is headed by the Chief Vigilance Officer, who reports to the Chairman and Managing Director. He is assisted by an Addl. General Manager and five Vigilance Officers in the Regional Offices.

Any person willing to lodge a complaint revealing a corrupt practice in EPI may do so by filling in the form given below and clicking the ‘submit’ button. It may however be noted that normally pseudonymous / anonymous complaints are not acted upon and are ignored. The complainant should disclose his/her identity and address so that he/she can be contacted for verification of the complaint, if necessary.


Complaint is being lodged against:

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