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  • 1- Publish Date 13-01-2023
  • 2- Closing Date 24-02-2023
  • 3- Tender No. ERO/CON/890/1288

Tender Documents
Sl.No. NIT document Work item Documents Description
1 63c12d1c6b89aEPI- PORTAL-1288.pdf
Balance Work of Infrastructural Development Works of Government Upper Primary and Primary Schools in the Malda Gram Panchayat at Koira Block in Sundargarh district Odisha Package 10 Part 3 of 3 10C

Sl.No. Document Name Description
1 CorrigendumI1288_7090.pdf
Extension of Date and Time
2 CorrigendumII1288_6766.pdf
Extension of Date and Time
3 CorrigendumIII1288_3187.pdf
Extension of Date and Time
4 AmmendmentI1288_2042.pdf
5 CorrigendumIV1288_9475.pdf
Extension of Date and Time