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Tender List
Sl.No. Publish Date Closing Date Tender No. Work description Corrigendum/Amendment
1 21-09-2021 12-10-2021 DLI/C&E/WI-675/319R Supply, Fabrication, Erection and Painting of MS Ducting alongwith Duct Supporting Structure, Dampers etc. for CSP Dust Extraction Systems DE-1A and D.. -
2 21-09-2021 05-10-2021 NERO/CON/MZU/394 Date: 21.09.2021 Tender for Architectural Consultancy and Design Engineering work for Infrastructure Development at Mizoram University for EWS Project within MZU Camp.. -
3 20-09-2021 30-09-2021 SRO/CON/ETS/119 Tender for DM Water Plant as per drawings and specification for Setting up of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet REPM Plant at Visakhapatnam AP for IREL In.. -
4 18-09-2021 01-10-2021 WRO/CON/893/0275 Appointment of Contractor to Implementation of Swatchh Bharat Mission II Grameen at 40 Panchayat in FY 2021 2022 in the State of Goa.. -
5 17-09-2021 30-09-2021 SRO/CON/ETS/118 dtd.17.09.2021 Contractors All Risk (CAR) and Erection All Risk (EAR) insurance policy, Capital Plant & Machinery Insurance Policy and Marine cargo Policy, for.. -
6 15-09-2021 29-09-2021 ERO/CON/832/1222 dated 15.09.2021 Electromechanical Works of Furnace and Pollution Control System of Wood Based Furnace Crematoriums including 10 years Operation and Maintenance at two.. -
7 11-09-2021 04-10-2021 NRO/PMD/ALIMCO-KNP/752/706 SITC of Compressor.. -
8 10-09-2021 01-10-2021 ERO/CON/823/1221 TENDER Construction, Upgradation, Widening & Strengthening of Various Roads in Rajgangpur Block of Sundargarh District, Odisha under DMF Scheme (P.. -
9 03-09-2021 24-09-2021 DLI/CON/HR/758 Tender for Engagement of Agency for providing Tea/Coffee/Soup Services at EPI Corporate Office, New Delhi.. -