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Tender List
Sl.No. Publish Date Closing Date Tender No. Work description Corrigendum/Amendment
1 04-03-2023 01-04-2023 PCO/BBSR/793/112 Tender for Mechanical, Electrical works for 20,000 LPD capacity dairy plant comprising of Milk reception, Processing, Packing, Product (Yogurt & .. Corrigendum: 112CorrigendumI_3753.pdf
Corrigendum: 112CorrII_6434.pdf
2 27-03-2023 10-04-2023 DLI/BDD/EOI-222/163 Expression of Interest for Selection of Technology Partner / Associate for Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) System.. -
3 23-02-2023 27-03-2023 PCO/BBSR/933/107A Rehosting the tender for Supply Fabrication and Painting of Structure for Conveyor Gallery Trestles Transfer houses for Construction of CHP for Transp.. Corrigendum: 107ACorrigendumI_8369.pdf
Corrigendum: 107ACorrigendumII_5477.pdf
4 17-03-2023 07-04-2023 NERO/CON/MANPOWER/437/3249554 Date:17.03.2023 Selection of Manpower Service Provider/Agency for providing 60 Nos. of Third Party Manpower of different categories for North Eastern Region including.. -
5 15-03-2023 05-04-2023 ERO/CON/901/1291 Turnkey Labour Petty contract for Mech Works comprising Sup Erec Testing and Comm of Mach and Plant in connection with Development of Infrastructure f.. -
6 13-03-2023 03-04-2023 NRO/CON/773/730 Balance Work for Construction of Incubation Centre including Sanitary system & Water Supply, Drainage, Electrical Work, Fire Fighting, Air-conditi.. -
7 08-03-2023 29-03-2023 RGM/PI S /824/ETS/109 Design Supply and installation of Electrical works 3 for FGD Plant of Ramagundam STPP Unit 7 Package V.. Amendment: AddendumNo.01ETS109_9725.pdf
8 07-03-2023 29-03-2023 SRO/CON/ETS/156 Major Upgradation Redevelopment of Katpadi Junction Railway Station, Vellore, TamilNadu on EPC Mode Package IA.. Amendment: AddendumNo.1ETS156_1332.pdf
9 07-03-2023 28-03-2023 SRO/CON/ETS/157 Major Upgradation Redevelopment of Katpadi Junction Railway Station, Vellore, TamilNadu on EPC Mode Package IB.. Amendment: AddendumNo.1ETS157_6225.pdf
10 06-03-2023 27-03-2023 WRO/CON/EMRS/875/314 Construction of Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS) at Taloda in Nandurbar District of Maharashtra State (3rd Call).. -